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  • LDS-C2P

  • Product Information:
    . PVD gold and 18/0 stainless steel
    . Finished to very high standards.
    . No MOQ required.
    . Available boxed in dozen, in sets or cases.
    . Food safe gold color and Dishwasher Safe


  Item No.:LDS-C1P


Table Knife: 4.5mm, 230mm length,

Dinner t Fork: 2.5mm, 203mm length,

Dinner Spoon: 2.5mm,203mm length,

Tea Spoon: 2.5mm, 139mm length.

Tea Fork: 2.5mm, 140mm length,

Serving Spoon: 2.5mm, 215mm length,

Serving Fork: 2.5mm,215mm length,

Sugar Spoon: 2.5mm, 139mm length,

Cake Server: 2.5mm, 220mm length,

Butter Knife: 2.5mm, 155mmlength.

Polishing:High quality Mirror polish or matte finish.

Food safe gold or copper color.

Available in different colors and packing in dozen, in 16pcsset/20pcs set/24pcs set/30pcs set/ 45pcs set/ 68pcs set.